We love it when a plan comes together.

Amway China 2014

In 2014, Amway China chose another American historic landmark, this time Ellis and Liberty Islands in New York. Doing an event at such an important place was awe-inspiring and presented its own challenges as the museum remained open during the day. The plan for the event was for the dinner to take place on the two floors of the registry building and then the after party concert (featuring Chinese pop star Wang Leehom) would take place in a tent with the scenic NYC skyline as a backdrop and culminating in an exciting fireworks show. Loading in and rehearsing the dinner events inside had to happen overnight, then be mostly stuck for the museum to open in the morning. Meanwhile, the tent build for the concert continued out on the lawn. The day of the event was April 15, 2014, and it began overcast and drizzly, but by evening the sleet had begun. Thunderstorms turned to thundersnow and, as with any outdoors event, it was definitely an adventure.

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